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Social Dances, the most Popular for Club Dancing!

With a revival of partner dancing in the clubs and certainly at social occasions, it behooves you to know how. Not exactly the freestyle of disco, you need to know the basic steps. Social dances are those not included in the ballroom dances. These generally include the two-Step, Merengue, West Coast Swing, Salsa and the Hustle (dance craze from the 70s).

Read about social dances and what's happening in the clubs and see if you can master the moves! We're here to help. You'll look a lot better and have lots more fun.

Here's some background on the club dances we're talking about!

The Lindy Hop or "Swing" started in a Harlem nightclub back in the 1930s. A rather acrobatic type of dance it involved the woman sometimes in the air! The Hip to Hip, Side Flip, and Over the Back were some of the steps of the time. Dance studios started teaching The Lindy Hop in the 40s and the rest as we say is history. Frank Manning was one of the young Harlem dancers who excelled at the Lindy. Watch him at 93 years of age give a lesson in 2007 at the right. The Jitterbug and several other dances owe their origin to the Lindy Hop.

The West Coast Swing (also known as Western Swing) is a partner dance that has its origins in the Lindy Hop. It is danced in "step step tri-ple-step tri-ple-step" pattern equaling eight steps in six beats of music. The term "count" is used as a synonym for a "beat". This dance is popular in clubs as it can be danced to today's rock music. It is a dance which steps are easily improvised, as long as you partner knows what you're doing. Watch Jordan and Tatiana work those turns and move those feet! You can do It.

Eastern Swing or East Coast Swing, is a fast swing dance sometimes called the "jitterbug" and other names. The name also helped to separate it from the Western Swing, which developed in California. The basic step of single-step East Coast Swing is either "rock step, step, step" or "step, step, rock step". In both cases, the rock step always starts on the downbeat. Why don't you come on by and take a couple of lessons. It is great exercise and fun to do.

The Mambo of yesteryear, which was created in the late 40s in Cuba is completely different from what is called "mambo" today. The dance today is better known as Salsa and if you're looking for Salsa dance lessons take a look. But Who doesn't recognize the opening bars of "Mambo #5" take a listen to the King of the Mambo, Perez Prado gives it his all.

Merengue originated in the Dominican Republic and can be traced back as far as the mid 1800s. Thought to have come from Haiti it was considered a "country" rhythm. The dance reached its zenith during the reign of Trujillo (Dictator from 1930-1961). From peasant roots himself, he promoted the music as a national symbol. The Merengue is a simple dance to learn, the old saying is "if you can walk, you can merengue" gives you the idea. You simply step left, right, left right, it has the tempo of marching music and you dance on the beat. Combine a few steps with the right music and you've got a very exciting dance! 

No matter what type of club or social dance lesson you might be interested we can help.

Call today 602.694.4088 to stand out at the clubs!

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