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Country Dance Lessons including Two Step Classes!

Learn to Two Step, Arizona Two-Step and Progressive Two-Step, all the West Coast Swing dance moves, Country Waltz, Country Cha Cha, and other country dances. We also teach East Coast Swing, which is often performed to Country Western music.

Country dancing is informal, relaxed, simple, and casual, which does not mean so casual as to be sloppy. Country dancing emphasizes smoothness on the dance floor, and keeping time with the music with none of the flourishes that one sees on television ballroom dance shows. Style is much more important than how many exotic acrobatics a dancer can perform.

Because of cowboy boots, country western dance sometimes features a flat-footed glide with some heel and toe touches. In addition to a quiet upper body, there is very little hip movement, pumping of the hands, bouncing, or waddling.

Cowboy, or "country" waltz consists of gliding steps that are consistent with wearing cowboy boots, rather than "on the balls of the feet" quick steps of the classic version. Neither foot is lifted completely from the ground. Steps should be a light footed glide rather than a flat footed shuffle.
There are many versions of each dance. They may go by different names depending on the area of the U.S. There may be no one "correct" way to a particular dance.

Let us teach you the basic country dance steps, you'll love two-steppin around the floor at the various country music locations in Phoenix and Scottsdale.

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Dancing - Perhaps the Best Exercise!

Dancing for Seniors!

Country Cha Cha
A Big favorite in country dance!

Country Two-Step

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