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Dancing for Seniors!

As we get older, it gets harder and harder to find fun things to do. Dancing is not only fun but good for you. So let's get started!

I started my career as a young dancer at one of the largest franchise schools in America. Although I was only 20 something, my students were primarily (at least to me, youngster that I was) older individuals who had worked hard all their lives, and were now enjoying themselves. Somewhat surprising to me at the time (again, youngster that I was), I LOVED these students. Even today, some of my very favorite students are those in their “retirement years.” Here are some of their stories:

•“Wanda,” had heart and lung problems. At first, she could dance for only 15 minutes before having to rest. Before long, she was dancing 2 hours at a time and told me her doctor had taken her off her heart medication.

•“Ruth,” was a successful businesswoman who worried that she couldn’t dance at social functions. After only six months of working with me, she said she was as confident on the dance floor as in a boardroom.

•“John” and “Leona” had raised four children. When John retired, they were looking for a way to enjoy their lives together. By learning to dance together, they really had fun. They went to lessons together and, on weekends, they would go dancing. They had experiences they never thought possible.

•“Jane” was a woman in her 90’s who had lost most of her sight. Her son brought her to her lessons each week. Jane not only learned to dance, she competed nationwide and had a wonderful time. On her 100th birthday, she appeared on the Tonight Show and told Jay Leno how much dancing enriched her later years.

•“Marie” was well into her seventies when she decided to take dance lessons. She couldn’t drive, so she found a way to take a bus to every lesson. She ended up taking lessons for many years, and warmed the hearts of all she touched. We all remember how passionate she was about politics!
The stories go on and on. My goal is now (and, I realize, has always been) to see that people simply enjoy dancing. No matter what, dancing is fun. And people – particularly those who are no longer in their prime, need fun in their lives. Come to dance. We’ll have fun together, and you’ll have fun with those who share your interest.

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Dancing - Perhaps the Best Exercise!

Have Fun - Try Dancing!

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