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Frequently Asked Questions.

Can my partner and I take lessons together?
Yes. Couples find dancing a fun and interesting way to spend time together. Once they learn to move on the dance floor, they find they look forward to going to dinners, weddings and other places where there is dancing.

Do I need a partner?
No. Learning without a partner is just as much fun as learning with one. Female students will dance directly with their instructor. Male students will be paired with a female instructor. Once they learn to dance, single students find they have many more social opportunities and look forward to going out to meet other people who like to dance.

Do I need a dance background?
No. Even beginning students can quickly and easily begin to learn basic dance steps.

Who will be my teacher?
Matthew Karr has been teaching dance in the Phoenix area for over 30 years. Although he has competed professionally, his current focus is on helping students achieve a comfortable level of social dancing.

Can I use my own music for a Wedding dance?
Yes. Many couples today choose their special song and perform a planned dance at their reception, rather than simply “swaying to the music.” The routine can be simple or fancy, depending on the strengths of the bride and groom and the amount of time they have to practice. Even an easy routine is less stressful on the big day than going onto the dance floor with nothing planned.

Can I get Gift Certificates?
Yes. Gift Certificates are great gifts for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, anniversaries, birthdays and the holidays. Simply call 602-694-4088 or e-mail, and we can arrange for a Gift Certificate to be issued and delivered to you.

What shoes do I wear to my lessons?
Wear something comfortable, preferably without rubber soles. If you have particular shoes you will be dancing in, you should bring them, too.

How should I dress for my lessons?
Again, comfort is the key. Wear something loose enough to move in but not so loose it will get in your way.

602.694.4088 with any other questions!


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