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Testimonials from Happy Dance Students.

I began dancing with Matt Karr two years ago. I'd forgotten how much I loved (and missed) dancing until I attended one of Matt's group lessons. Now I dance with Matt twice a week for an hour and attend his Friday night dance. I've lost 10 pounds since I started dancing and during a heart check-up, my cardiologist said I had the heart of a teenager (which I am definitely not)! Under Matt's instruction my dancing has improved immensely, but even more than that, my attitude and outlook on life has changed. I feel great; look good, and love life. Try dancing, you'll love it too!

Judy B.
Instructional Coach
Canyon Ridge Elementary
Dysart School District
Matt Karr has lived a life with dance woven through it in everyway. As a professional performer, he has amazed audiences with the beautiful intrigue and flow of dancing. His flawless performances were carried out with the strength of an athlete and the flow of an artist. The music simply provided the movement and took to flight with a combination of his artistry, choreography, execution and passion.

Matt has transitioned in his dance life to one of instruction.....giving others the gift of dance! We were the watchers on the sidelines and he brought us to center stage giving us no other choice but to dance. All of a sudden we were moving simply but with form and a new found grace. The music we love came to life in our dancing and now we were on the center stage with our audiences to their delight and applause. This happened out of the caring passion of a performing dancer who stepped in a different direction to share with us a portion of his talent, patience, and vision.

I have known Matt for 8 years and this sharing of the gift of dance has changed my life. After a difficult divorce and a new life trying to unfold, I decide to try some things I had always wanted to do, mainly dance. My parents could only afford music lessons, the expensive costumes and all made dance unaffordable, so I became a superb musician yet longed to dance. In one lesson that I almost cancelled, I was with his strong lead and simple directions, I had the basics of swing, and AZ two step moving within an hour. Of course I was hungry for more and then moved into learning the basics of each type of dance.

Matt then challenged me a step further....to perform in an exhibition. The stage seemed scary and huge the first time. I have grown now to loving the art of performing. I have now performed in 6 exhibitions challenging myself with each new dance each time, costume and stage presentation. An event I look forward to twice a year. A type of life I never thought could be mine for a night or ever. Matt's students do not dance 8-10 hours a day like Dancing With the Stars. We work usually weekly....it is fun, fantastic exercise, creative and a source of stress relief. All because a dancer now shares his performing talents as a teacher. Matt you have brought many smiles to many faces. What a gift......life is a stage.....dance all over it.

God Bless and Thank You,
My hobby of dancing began in January 2007, when I enrolled with Fred Astaire Dance Studios for a few lessons. Once I stepped into that dance studio, and in the words of my sister, "it's like you become a different person." And, to this very day, I feel the same way when I step into Matt Karr's studio.

I began dancing and learning from Matt in late December 2007. I have found "just the right" match with Matt in that I can continue learning and improving on my dance steps at my pace, but also be able to participate in shows (Matt does 2 shows a year: April and November). From the moment that Matt took me into his arms on the dance floor and we practiced a few steps, he knew exactly where I was in what I had learned previously at Fred Astaire. Since then, I have learned new steps in various dances and performed in 3 shows.

I do not feel pressured with lessons; one takes lessons with Matt at their own pace and you are not under contract for a certain number of lessons within a certain period of time. And, Matt works with your schedule and will try his best to meet your dance needs. He is a strong lead and if he feels you can be challenged with a new step, he will challenge you.

The "bonus" is the weekly dance parties. Matt is committed to bringing dance to the West Valley and he has once a week a dance party in the evening for beginning and advanced students. It's a great way to meet other dancers (or soon-to-become dancers), learn a few new steps and practice those steps, and just enjoy dancing...and all this for $15!

I plan to continue my dance "program" with Matt until he or I retire! If you think you have two left feet (or two right feet) but have always wanted to dance, give Matt a try.

Bonnie M.
Goodyear, AZ


I have found
"just the right"
match with Matt...

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