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Wedding Dance Lessons, A Special First Dance!

Everyone wants to look good on their Wedding Day! You'll want to be relaxed and not worry about how you'll look in photos and video that last long after the big day. Therefore, that first dance as a married couple becomes very important. After all that dance starts off the whole party and all eyes will be upon you. Don't assume that you can just figure it out on your wedding day. You don't want to step on each other's toes or look like kids at a prom that really don't know what they're doing. Dancing together comfortably, requires an understanding of dance position and partnering skills. We'll help you look and feel great. Wedding dance lessons are the answer!

Make your first dance unique to the two of you. Your special song or one that has great meaning for the two of you is a great start and you can learn the proper dance to go with it. A romantic dance is always a good first choice...but choose another one as well for when the party really gets going.

Your attendants also might be interested in looking good, we offer "mini group" rates for that situation.

You will amaze your family and friends when you step out on the dance floor with a flourish that comes from knowing what you're doing.

You'll know how to include the bridal party and your family on the dance floor. you can even practice in a gown, so you'll lose the fear of tripping.

We can help you with wedding dance lessons for the Bride and Groom, Father and Daughter or Mother and Son.

We promise you'll have the time of your life!

Call 602.694.4088 to get started! You will be glad you took the steps to enlist a professional dance instructor to help you make the most of your wedding first dance!


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Your First Dance

The custom of a "First Dance" harkens back to ancient times when the "Bride Kidnapper" would show off his "hunting" skills by parading his "stolen" bride around, in front of his warrior friends, so they could see how well he had done. The feasting would begin immediately after this display. Today, the "First Dance" still traditionally marks the beginning of the reception. See Some Additional Wedding Customs

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